The Cloud within reach…

ATCI ensures, in all circumstances and according to your real needs, the availability and security of your IT resources thanks to the Cloud. Our 4 data centres are located in France, spread over several regions: Strasbourg, Roubaix, Paris Nord.

Customer case

“In the event of a breakdown, your IT manager contacts your usual service provider: the server must be changed.

In the meantime, the entire company is blocked, your management offices are shut down for a whole afternoon due to this server failure”.

Do you know how much it would cost you to have a situation like this?

Cloud à la carte with ATCI

Since 2006, ATCI has mastered Cloud technologies. The Cloud is defined as the shift to an external infrastructure of the company’s IT system. Internally, the user has access to the same services without having the operational management. The complete or partial management of this infrastructure is delegated to a specialized company. The objective is to have a continuous, reliable and secure service assumed by the provider company to refocus the activity of the client company on its business lines.

ATCI offers 3 solutions.  We study for you the architecture that suits your needs according to your objectives:

  • Public Cloud: Hardware and software resources are shared between several clients
  • Private Cloud: Hardware resources can be shared, with dedicated systems and software resources remain dedicated.
  • Hybrid Cloud: Allows you to share resources between private and public Cloud on the one hand, and local customer infrastructures on the other hand according to the criticality of the data

All Cloud architectures have the following benefits in common:

  • Few or no physical investments
  • the number of users can vary easily
  • Easy file sharing, calendars, online databases and online data sharing enhance mobility.

Our solutions according to your needs to multiply secure access solutions:

  • A hybrid network for storage, with infrastructure on your premises and off-site private cloud infrastructure
  • A 100% outsourced network with private cloud without local storage infrastructure

Your advantages:

  • Combining safety and ease of use
  • Maximum availability and high reliability
  • Flexibility for employees on the move.

Types of Cloud

Public Cloud

Storing, accessing and exchanging computer data can be done in a variety of ways, including through the public cloud. Public does not mean that your data is accessible to everyone. Instead, they are hosted on different servers, accessible by a certain number of users. You will pay most of the time per your data usage.

With the public cloud, you are not limited by the volume of your data, but the public cloud is not necessarily adapted to your needs, your specific software.

Private cloud infrastructure

Optimization of capital and infrastructure budgets, great flexibility in terms of scalability and availability: your data and applications are stored and backed up in our datacentre and/or at home and can be accessed directly on your site’s user stations, and via the Internet on mobile phones, smartphone/tablet or remote sites (VPN).

Infrastructure en cloud hybrideHybrid cloud infrastructure

We distribute your data and applications according to their criticality and access constraints. Your sensitive data and applications are physically stored on your operating site, while your externally accessible data and applications are hosted in our Data Centre or Microsoft’s data centre.

In any case, your data and applications can be accessed from your agencies, mobile or smartphone/tablet user stations, depending on the security rules you have set.

Dark fibre: secure access to your data, reliable access to your network

The transfer of important and even confidential data is a strategic issue for many companies. Faced with this problem of size, ATCI has a dark fibre network in Paris and its region with the aim of providing maximum security when connecting with a building of the client or with a data centre. This enables us to connect company data directly to a datacentre without using the Internet, while relying on a 10 Gigabit network.

If a customer in Paris wants to outsource his IT, we install the dark fibre, we virtualize his servers to allow him to directly access his data without going through the Internet. This guarantees an optimal level of safety and performance at attractive prices.

Our solutions:

  • A dedicated fibre for the transit of your data,
  • Do not depend on an operator (Orange, etc.)
  • guaranteed flow at all times
  • Direct connection to servers in the Data Centre

Your advantages:

  • Permanent access to your decision support tools for your business
  • Speed for order passing and all types of flows (CM CIC, CA title, Bloomberg, Reuters, etc.)
  • A secure Internet connection
  • Budget halved compared to competing market solutions

Finally, the availability of the service is guaranteed, you are sure to be able to develop your business in all circumstances.

Our infrastructure ensures a flawless level of service:

  • minimum availability of customer data and applications: 99.95% (99.98% for the most demanding customers)
  • maintenance with multiple levels of service, up to 24/7
  • Maximum security, thanks to a stack of Firewall technologies guaranteeing network and application flows
  • follow-up and resolution of all requests according to proven procedures

Evaluating your Business Resumption Plan (BRP) and/or Business Continuity Plan (BCP): legal obligations, vital interest

80% of companies that have experienced a computer crash are bankrupt within 24 months!

Imposed by the legal framework or simply relevant to ensure that you don’t risk a crash that would be disastrous for the company. ATCI has chosen to offer all its customers this essential service in order to have recourse to a back-up system whatever the situation.

Depending on their activities, some companies are required to preserve the company’s operations in the event of an IT disaster. The Business Continuity Plan brings together the set of measures used to ensure that the company’s essential activities are maintained when confronted with various crisis scenarios, including extreme events such as floods.

Do you want to validate your system’s compliance with the obligations related to your market (licenses, data protection, etc.)? Do you want to know if your Business Continuity Plan is really operational?

As a specialized financial player, ATCI’s outsourcing teams develop and implement your Business Continuity Plan and/or Business Resumption Plan. Today, it is often required by insurance companies that constantly update their obligations.

ATCI implements, monitors and updates the BCP/BRP:

  • Identification of business impacts, proposal of a BCP/BRP adapted to your risk/budget equation
  • creation and installation of your BCP/BRP backed by our hardware, software and human infrastructures
  • Validation of your BCP/BRP operation under real conditions
  • Outsourcing of the architecture implemented with regular tests throughout the BCP/BRP perimeter
  • audits at the request of the evolution of your information system, with BCP/BRP upgrade and architecture adaptation
  • follow-up and resolution of all requests according to proven procedures

Your advantages:

  • 24/7 operational system with 99.8% availability minimum
  • Controlled risk
  • A guarantee of trust for your customers

Our solutions:

  • Identification of business impacts
  • Proposal of a BCP/BRP adapted to your risk / budget equation,
  • Implementation of your BCP/BRP backed by our dedicated infrastructure
  • Regular maintenance and testing of your BCP/BRP to integrate the evolutions of the information system

You’re wondering what a BCP can be used for, check out our article on the subject (in French).