Business solutions

In terms of business application development, ATCI designs tailor-made solutions for its partner clients. Our projects are based on recognized development methods, which guarantee the quality of the deliverables.

Together with our POW consultants, our applications are defined and written in accordance with the specifications and then integrated into your IT system on site, in “classic” hosting or on our private cloud platforms, which can then be integrated into your information system on site, in traditional hosting or on our private cloud platforms. Our projects are based on recognized development methods and technologies implemented by ATCI: Microsoft ASP. NET, VB. NET, C#, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Sharepoint, Delphi, PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Access,

Customer case

“The ENSAD receives more than 1,000 new students every year and needs a business application that allows it to manage all the school’s schooling: exam management, student databases, curricula, timetable, theses and major school projects, etc.”

ATCI builds tailor-made applications to manage the school’s life by regularly developing modules to respond to new problems and changes in the school’s operating modes. This application is developed in. Net, SQL server, php, postgress SQL

Business applications: ATCI accompanies you in the strategic evolution of your software architecture

Whatever the project, ATCI’s consultants determine with you the software solutions adapted to your company, your staff, your budget starting from the audit of your software architecture, analysing the master plan, carrying out the necessary impact studies and selecting a software package.

The expression of your needs determines the success of your project: our consultants help you to formalize it:

  • Definition of technical and strategic orientations
  • Identification of risks
  • Analysis of your technical and functional needs
  • Drafting of specifications

Infrastructure and integration solutions for publishers

ATCI develops software in SaaS mode – Software as a Service – allowing the end customer to have an up-to-date tool without having to worry about the infrastructure needed to run the software. We also take care of:

  • hosting and setting up the appropriate infrastructure
  • customisation and integration of white label platforms for the delivery of a turnkey product to end users

Each of them has its own core business, the editors focus on new developments and the marketing of their software and entrust ATCI with the application support level 1.

Outsourcing support for your applications is done in 4 steps:

  • Mapping skills and covering your needs
  • Definition of software perimeter and parameter setting
  • Training of human resources
  • Support during your transfer to an external medium

At the end of this phase, our call centre performs the following tasks:

  • Handling of files
  • Qualification of files and definition of priorities
  • Processing of the application or transfer to a N+2 competence centre
  • Follow-up of the file with the user
  • Closure of files and management of reports

Software Editing

The pooling of outsourcing and development skills enables ATCI to take charge of the entirety of software publishing issues.

ATCI can achieve in this context:

  • Research & Development (R&D)
  • The Development itself
  • Testing and pre-production
  • Publishing, hosting and distribution
  • Level 1, 2 and 3 support