EUROFAB, the trusted third-party BtoB application solution

Customer case

“Our client asset manager has financial software for managing his portfolio, which does not allow for multi-custodian exchanges. “

To solve this problem ATCI is developing EUROFAB Finance, an application to generate files for multi-custodian exchanges.

This application is now available to everyone. It is developed in. Net, SQL Server.

Eurofab Finance, Asset Managers make it easy for you to file daily Banque de France declarations!

EUROFAB Finance can be easily adapted to different business issues. In order to meet the demand of a client in the Finance/Asset Management sector, ATCI has transposed its architecture to the management of order declarations with the Banque de France and the AMF.

These declarations, which must meet the very stringent requirements of these organisations, are entered in the back office and transmitted daily via XML feeds.

Management software, 60% say YES to Eurofab according to a 2012 HEC study.

  • Most common management software
    • SAP, Oracle, Epicor, MS, Sage, Horizon, Capital Banking, Gimini, Pronote or Dev internal$
  • Eurofab finance complements the management or accounting software
    • Recurring functions
    • Accelerate data management and archiving
    • Transmission of information between different services
    • Common platform between different actors
    • Integration of information
    • Routing, Advertising, Customization
    • Business aspects
      • BtoB relationship
      • Secure management of business flows (RTD flow)
      • Real-time inventory management

You no longer have to worry about transaction reporting: EUROFAB comes directly to retrieve transactions awaiting declaration and sends a daily email with a summary of the declaration processed overnight. You can also access a secure web interface to view the history of declarations.

  • All data are the property of the customer
  • Every quarter an export with your databases is sent out
  • On request, we can provide you with the databases and their structures in a common format


Created and developed for many years by ATCI, EUROFAB is a BtoB application solution that offers communication solutions between systems, through a web interface. This software, developed on Microsoft 100% Web technologies (framework. net and SQL server database), is offered in SaaS mode and requires no IT investment. It offers its users complete and secure management of their business flows.

In concrete terms, Eurofab complements what ERPs cannot do when faced with complex business processes

For example, a chocolate maker uses the Eurofab service to retrieve collection information and redistribute it with its packaging partners. This allows it to transmit the flows defining the packing.

EUROFAB is also a powerful management tool for clients in the graphic arts sector. You can thus manage your manufacturing files from quotation to invoicing without an intermediary.

Objective: computerize these processes by developing, for example, modules for a specific workflow related to the company’s business problem.

With EUROFAB, you significantly reduce your internal and external costs linked to the multiplicity of relationships between stakeholders. You also manage your manufacturing files from quotation to invoicing without intermediary:

  • Online Quote Requests
  • Follow-up of orders
  • Real-time visualization of customer stocks

EUROFAB also has all the necessary tools to monitor and control a manufacturing cell:

  • dashboard
  • Automatic activity tracking
  • Electronic document editing
  • Alerts management
  • Production schedules
  • States allowing to generate a multitude of exportable reports